Kelly College Prep Mandarin Placement Test 嘉理高中中文分班测试
The purpose of this test is to gather evidence of your previously acquired skills and knowledge of the Mandarin Chinese language, so that you can be placed in an appropriate level of the Mandarin course. There are 4 sections in the test, and you are expected to complete the test within one hour.

Please complete your personal information in Section 1. 请在第一部分填写你的个人资料。
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1. 英文姓名 Yīngwén Xìngmíng, English Full Name: *
2. 中文姓名 Zhōngwén Xìngmíng (if you have one, please type in pinyin AND Chinese characters. 如有,请填写拼音和汉字。) *
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3. 你在小学和初中上过中文课吗? *
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4. 你的家人会和你说汉语吗? *
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5. According to your answers to question 2, 3, and 4, decide what to do next: 根据你对2、3和4这三个问题的答案,决定下一步: *
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