Loose Leaf Cuddle Infuser 2019
We are a small group of friends who like tea, cuddles and sharing creature comforts.

This year we are planning bringing a cloakroom for free-campers, making ice cream and bread, a water purification system to drink the spring water and bringing a warm and welcoming chill-out space.

We're looking for people who share our ideals and have dreams they want to make reality. Want to create a structure so that you can live outdoors and need some help making it? Have a really cool cookery workshop you want to share? Have a piece of art that needs electricity but not an art grant? Talk to us!

As a camp member you'll have access to an excellent vegan communal catering* and training to use any of the fun stuff we bring like bread ovens. Camp fees cover food and a contribution towards power (cooking gas and electricity), they'll be as low as possible, talk to us if you think this might be a problem.

*people not present a mealtimes will have a portion saved and leftovers will be offered to passers by. There is nothing better than returning from an adventure and being handed a microwave box full of food. There may well be non-vegan extras available depending on what gets bought at the farm shop services by campmates...
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