Guild Application for Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire - 2020
Application to bring your group or guild to the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire August 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 2020 at the Kelley Farm, Bonney Lake, WA.
If you are a vendor or volunteer, please submit an application on those pages.
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We will be using this information to describe your group on the Guilds page of the website.
Please provide a link to pictures of your group and your encampment *
Photos should show what your physical guild presence will look like, as well as photos showing your group interacting with the public. This can be a link to your group's website, Facebook page, Flickr account, etc. If you have photos that need to be emailed, please let us know and we'll let you know where to send them.
Average number of people who attend with your group *
What nationalities do you represent? *
Do you require a space on the faire site to set up tents, a stage, or other performance areas(an encampment)? *
What sort of encampment do you have? *
Please describe your encampment (The onstage area your guild members will be decorating and occupying during the day). Describe what it looks like and what will happen there. *
How big is your structure? *
If you have a structure, what is the minimum footprint, including guy lines and any required back space?
What is the total footprint requested, including structure and guild yard? *
Are you willing and able to (please check all that apply) *
If you do demonstrations or shows, how many shows per day? *
Other Needs? *
Are you interested in new members?
If actors from other guilds, or new volunteer actors, are looking for a guild to join, can we share your Guild Leader's contact information?
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