Petco Holdings Career Questionnaire
Career Questionnaire for Victorian Bird Company, Waterlife Aquarium, and Reptile Life
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4. Which Suburb do you live in?
5. What is your Date of Birth?
6. How many years Retail Management experience do you have?
7. Do you have experience at running a retail team and if so, please elaborate?
8. Explain how you would run our Team Meetings?
9. Are you familiar with running Rosters?
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10. Tell me about your experience in Store Merchandising?
11. Are you willing to work one weekend day and some Public Holidays
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12. Do you have any experience or knowledge of the Pet Industry?
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13. If you do have experience in the Pet Industry please elaborate.
14. What KPIs are you used to working towards?
15. Would you consider yourself a MYOB Retail Manager expert?
16. Would you be prepared to answer calls, emails and messages from either the team or customers after hours or on your regular days off?
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17. Would you consider yourself a Great Communicator both in person and on the phone? Please elaborate.
18. Our Business involves Waterlife Aquarium, Reptile Life and Victorian Bird Company. After checking out our websites explain why you would excel in this role.
19. Do you have any further comments?
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