Giving Fruits - For 08/07 Pickup!
Hello Neighbors and thank you for your interest in group buying fruits to support our heroes.
100% of the profits will go toward the following fundraisers.

With this fruit purchase we are helping in 3 fronts - what I like to call our 3Fs!
1. Frontliners
2. Food Trucks
3. Farmers

GOFUNDME COVID-19: Meals for Frontliners

GOFUNDME 3D-Printed Face Shields for Healthcare

Aside from the 3Fs, we are also going to be donating unclaimed prepaid orders to
1. Women's Shelter ran by HH Collab (
2. LifeMoves - Opportunity Services Center
3. Local Elderly Care Homes especially ones hardest hit by COVID-19
4. South Palo Alto Food Closet
By participating in this group buy, you are agreeing to the following terms:

1. No refunds are allowed. All purchases that are not picked up will be donated to the Women's Shelter, Life Moves - OSC and/or Local Elderly Care Homes.
2. Your payment is your order confirmation. This commits us to buying your order regardless whether you change your mind or forgot to pick up your order. Hence, #1.
3. You have read all the information on this page, especially regarding pickup.

Thank you very much for your help!

8/7 Fruits & Veggies

$64 Red Cherries 16-18 lbs box from Washington state - NOT ORGANIC

$40 Organically-Grown Bouquet Flower arrangement from JoLee Bloom, Petaluma, CA

**We are at the peak and have about 2-3 weeks to go of really amazing peaches. This is the time to be freezing, canning or preserving for winter. It will be a mix of sweet, juicy, beautiful fruit. ***
$42 Organic YELLOW Peaches from The Peach Jamboree - 18-20 count

$34 Organic Strawberries, 12 pints from Oya Organics

$41 Organic White Nectarines “Arctic Jay” 26-30 count from Kashiwase Farm

$42 Organic Yellow Nectarines “Zee Glo” 26-30 count from Kashiwase Farm

$40 Organic Pluots ”Emerald Drop” - same box as the nectarines from Kashiwase Farm

$25 Organic Gravenstein Apples from Prevedelli Farms (heirloom variety). They have a crisp, juicy texture with flavor that is tart-sweet and very aromatic. Slow Foods USA has chosen this great apple for their “Ark of Taste” list of foods that should not be missed. 6.5-7lbs

$24 Three (3) pints Frozen Custard - Lexie’s Frozen Custard from Berkeley is offering a 3-pack of all-organic frozen custard pints. This week you’ll receive one Vanilla frozen custard, one Nutella frozen custard (chocolate hazelnut frozen custard with toasted hazelnuts and Nutella swirl), and one Tea Time (vanilla frozen custard with lemon curd swirl and Earl Grey shortbread chunks)— frozen hard rather than our traditional soft serve for you to take home. Our frozen custard is made with Straus milk and cream and pasteurized egg yolks. 

$8 Lexie's Sorbet Single Pints
This week’s sorbet is Tropical Dragonfruit: a mix of pink dragonfruit, mango, peach, and strawberry (vegan)

$20 Organic Assorted summer squash box ~12 lb from Oya Organics

$30 Organic Mixed Veggie box from Oya Organics, Hollister, CA

$30 Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes from Luna’s Farm, Hollister, CA - 24-32 count

$34 Organic Heirloom Tomatoes from Castro Farm, Hollister, CA - 20-30 count

$15 Organic Cherry Tomatoes from Oya Organics - 3 open pints

$25 Organic Loose Lettuce Spring Mix with escrole, mizuna spinach and arugula, 5lbs from Miramonte Farms, San Juan Bautista, CA - Limited to 10 boxes

$26 Organic Whole heads of red oak leaf approx 3lb, spinach approx 1lbs and kale approx 1lbs in a box (total approx 5lbs) from Miramonte Farms, San Juan Bautista, CA - Limited to 10 boxes

***Jelly is smooth and more clear, the fiber is strained out. The jam has the whole fruit***

$10 Organic Blenheim Apricot Jam from Oya Organics
$10 Organic Blenheim Apricot Jelly from Oya Organics

$10 Organic Traffic Jam from Prevedelli Farms - Their Best Seller! (Organic Boysenberries, Organic Blackberries, Organic Raspberries,
PureCane Sugar, Fruit Pectin, Lemon)

$10 Organic Boysenberry Jam by Prevedelli Farms

$10 Organic Meyer Lemon BlackBerry Jam by Prevedelli Farms

Flowers/Pluots/Nectarines - 08/06/2020 at NOON

Frozen Custard/Sorbets - 08/06/2020 at 8PM.

Rest of the fruits and veggies 08/06/2020 at 11:59PM

Thank you!
Organic Strawberries from a local CCOF Farm

On your payment - ADD A MESSAGE to indicate your order. For example - "1 box of red cherries" or "2lbs of red cherries"

PayPal - Friends and Family please... DO NOT click "paying for goods and services". This WILL charge me a fee.


Last 4 digit of phone number: 2187

If you have any questions please email
Pick up will be the same as last time BUT STARTING AT 5:00PM

1. Your mask
2. Sign that show your Name on your payment account AND what you ordered.
For example,
"Joe Smith
1 box of cherries"
3. Great attitude!

Rinconada Library
1213 Newell Ave. (Please enter on Newell next to the Art Center)
However, we are distributing in front of the Art Center Auditorium. It's shady there. I need to remember to bring bug spray. :-D

Follow the diagram below for the pickup path.


1. Drive to the library, entering at Newell Rd between the library and the Art Center
2. Someone will check your name on the list and give you a THUMBS UP!
3. Drive to the front of the Art Center Auditorium.
4. Pop open your trunk and we will load your order.

For any issues, please follow the RED path on the diagram below.

For the elderly or immuno-compromised neighbors, please fill out this form and I will pair you with someone who can help.

If you are able to pick up for an elderly or immuno-compromised neighbor, please fill out this form and I will pair you with someone who needs help.

WHY I DON'T USE GOOGLE SHEET for the pairing, I don't want to expose your precious info to web crawlers and identity thefts. Well, at least not making your info open out there... Might not be bullet proof of course. You are assuming ALL risk. I am just trying to help.
PICKUP INFORMATION - Please read carefully! Subject to change based on medical directive.
PICKUP INFORMATION - Please make sure you have a sign ready. This helps keep our pickup contactless...
Please email and someone will be with you shortly. Thank you!
Partner Farms
Oya Organics
Serendipity Farm
The Peach Jamboree
Prevedelli Farms
Kashiwase Farms

And Marisol - our Cherry source who started it all...
DO NOT BOTHER TO SUBMIT! I will never look at the responses to this form. Thank you!
The Peach Jamboree
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