Sugarmakers' Field Days Sign-Up

The Addison County Maple Sugarmakers Association pays for the passes that are complementary to you when you sign up to work for a shift at the Field Days sugarhouse. This is an $8 expense per ticket.

**If you sign up for a shift:

You are expected to report to the sugarhouse for your confirmed time-slot. Scheduling all of the volunteers is a large task and one person not showing up can mess everything up. Additionally, unless you are asked to stay, please leave at the end of your shift, regardless of whether you can stay longer. Other people need an opportunity to work, too. NOTE: All workers under the age of 15 need to come with an adult that will be responsible for them and stay with them for the duration of the shift.

**If you do not sign up for a shift:

Do not show up to the sugarhouse unannounced expecting to work. First priority goes to those that signed-up. If we can fit you in, we will but please know that that will not always be the case. If possible, please give as much advanced notice as possible. If you work an unscheduled shift, you may be reimbursing for fair admittance.

**If you have a Green Mountain Pass:

Please indicate this on the form in the appropriate box. On Tuesday , if you are working, we can save the expense of a fair pass thanks to you using the GMP. These are available at your local town office and will get you free entry into State Parks and other Vermont activities.

**If you have children younger than 11 to come and work with you:

Please pay for them at the gate (they are only $5) and we will reimburse you at the sugarhouse. All of the passes that we get cost $8 regardless of whether they are used on adults or children so it will save us money.

**If you border the Field Days grounds:

You get in for free anyway! Do not request passes as that is an unnecessary expense to the Sugarmakers. Passes are only for those that need them to come and work at the sugarhouse. No exceptions.

**Important Dates:

August 3th – Clean Up Day! Please show up to the sugarhouse around 9am with your favorite cleaning tools!
August 5th – Contest judging
August 6-10th – Addison County Fair and Field Days! Please sign up for a shift!

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