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We are so happy that you have decided to join this church. We think of everyone present (especially if you’ve worshiped with several times!) as part of who we are. But signing the membership rolls is really helpful to us as we grow, to see where we are, and to use in applications for funding and programs. So, thank you! Also, as a member, you will have access to our online member directory, which is very handy for contacting others at church, and password protected and only provided to members for privacy. You will also have access to our leadership team meeting minutes and other documents related to congregational business, and you will be eligible to vote in congregational meetings (usually held in October). Welcome, welcome, child of God! Thank you for being part of this faith community, committed to worshiping, studying, serving, and being in God’s great creation together.


Please sign below if you would like to be eligible to vote in the next congregational meeting. By signing, you agree to be listed in the membership rolls of New Life Lutheran. We will all be listed in the category, “Participating Members,” which we define in the New Life constitution as: “those 16 and older who regularly worship and participate in service, education, or other activities of the congregation.” (If you are a participating member, but not yet 16 years old, you can still be on our rolls, and eligible to vote at that time.) In advance of the vote, the Leadership Team will approve the list of eligible voters, who are defined as participating members who “during the current or preceding calendar year, shall have been active participants, having worshiped, participated in congregational activities, and made a contribution of record to this congregation.” (A contribution of record is any monetary gift to the church of any amount. If you give cash, put at least one of your gifts in an envelope with your name on it so it can be credited to you.) You must be present to vote. Thank you for your help in doing the work of the church.


To sign and provide your electronic signature, type your full name, phone number, email address, mailing address, and date, and Submit Form. Once you do that, the Pastor will contact you to confirm that you want to be a member of New Life Lutheran Church, and we’ll get you access to our online directory and member documents. You can also sign a paper version of this membership form - just ask the Pastor.
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