CS 110L Week 1
You're a pioneer -- CS 110L has never been taught before! Please help us improve your experience in this class, and to improve the class for future generations!

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How are you doing in life in general?
I'm dying, help :(
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How are you feeling about CS 110L? *
I'm dying, help :(
Doing pretty great!
If you feel comfortable, please post a brief reflection of your experience in #reflections. If you aren't comfortable sharing with the class, answer here: What is your experience like with learning Rust?
What do you find interesting or unexpected? What do you find difficult? What do you find awesome?
Rate the pace of lecture. *
Have we done anything you felt was particularly useful or helpful? What would you like us to keep doing? *
What could we be doing better?
Was there anything that you felt like was a waste of time? Do you have any suggestions for improvements for the format of lecture? (What can we do to make lecture more engaging for you?)
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How did it go in general? What was helpful? What was frustrating? *
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