Juneau Vaudeville Welcome Questions
Welcome to Juneau Vaudeville!! We are excited that you have showed interest in joining our show. With this form our hope if to not only get to know you better but for you to get to know us as well.
A little about Juneau Vaudeville.........

Juneau Vaudeville was formed by Chelsea Elliott and Josh Rue in 2021. after a years of a lot of fun things that goes into putting on a show, and meeting truly wonderful performers that helped put a soul into our little show we were able to have our first show February 2022. It has been a fun and exciting learning experience ever since. 
Now that we got that out of the way, Let's get to know a little bit about you and what you have to bring to the show. Take your time answering the questions. If there is anything that was missed don't hesitate to reach out. 
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Stage Name?
What type of performance did you have in mind? *
Give us some details about your act and what it will be like. *
Do you have music?  *
If Yes, please email it the best you can to events@juneauvaudeville.com
MP3 is preferred but not required. Songs with Title and Artist, YouTube, ETC will be accepted.
How long is your set? *
Do you have an intro that you would like used for your set? *
If No just put No.
Would you like a spotlight?
Do you have any requests for the Spotlight person? 
Do need special sound requests? *
If No, just put No
Any Props?  *
Please go into detail about what you'd like on stage and what you would like the stagehands to put your props on the stage and off the stage. 
Where do you plan on starting your act? *
If not on the stage then where? and How?
Would you be interested in helping out with tip collecting? *
Our goal is to have performers collecting tips at some point after their act
Are you okay with the Audience taking Photos/Videos? *
If No, The Host will kindly ask that photos aren't taken during your set.
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