St Mary's Church Yatton survey 2019
St Mary’s church is for everyone in the parish, and has been for more than 800 years. As we think about the future direction of St Mary’s, it is important that we hear from everyone, not just churchgoers. Please consider the following questions and give us your views, which will help to inform the vision for our future. If you attend another church, we would still welcome your views. Thank you

If you would like to discuss this survey and how the responses will be used, please call the Team office on 01934 832184 or email to arrange to be contacted by a member of the survey team

This survey is anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself. Survey responses will be made public as aggregated responses, apart from text box entries which may be quoted directly.
1. How often do you attend St Mary's
2. How much do you value St Mary's?
Not at all
Very much
3. Please tick up to 5 things that you value most about St Mary’s church
4. What would you like St Mary’s to do more, or do better?
Your answer
5. What would you like St Mary’s to do less, or even stop?
Your answer
6. What would help St Mary’s become more a part of your life?
Your answer
7. Which of the current activities or groups are relevant, valued or of interest to you?
8 If St Mary’s started something new, what would be of greatest interest to you?
Your answer
9a. What style of service or music works best for you? Circle a number that fits your preferred style between traditional and modern .
Traditional services and music
Modern services and music
9b. A bit more detail on traditional and modern...
10a. About you...It would help our understanding of your responses, if you could please tell us where you live
10b. Your gender
10c Your age
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