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Registration Form for Season 2 (5 fortnights from 5th May to 13th July)
About NRCC Groups in 2019
Dear Church, in 2019 our groups will run in three distinct seasons. 1) February to early April, 2) May to July and then 3) August to December. Across these periods there will be a variety of topics you can choose to attend depending on your preference or circumstances. To learn more visit or attend the "Growth Track" course (coming soon).

Please register for Season two below. The topics available to choose from are:

Series 1) The Good News by John:
- The Woman at the Well. John 4:1-18
- Deepening your faith John. 4:43 - 54
- How to live a powerful life. Jn 5:16 - 30
- Facing your fears. Jn 6:15-29
- The truth will set you free. Jn 8:31

Series 2) Topics preached on by the elders during Revive:
- God's promise and provision - Hebrews 11
- God's greatest promise - Hebrews 6
- Setting Priorities - 2 Corinthians 5
- Becoming a Christian - Romans 10
- The best way to live - James 1

God bless,
Joe G, Josh G, George M and Steve M together with Paul M (Small group co-ordinator)

What do you hope will be part of your experience while being part of a group this coming season? *
Which fortnightly group you would like to belong to in season 2? (5th May to 13th July). In case your preferred group is full please let us know a second preference.
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John's Gospel - Sun 6.00 pm in North Ryde (led by George Hawke)
John Gospel - Mon 7.30 pm - Marsfield (led by Joshua Groenestyn)
John's Gospel - Tues 7.30 pm in Olympic Park (led by Steve & Kristen Mylonas)
Topics from Revive Preaching - Tues 7.30 pm North Ryde Hall (led by Paul Mylonas)
A Mix from Both Topics - Thur 7.30 pm in Epping (led by George Matthew)
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