POD Scholarly Reads Registration - Fall 20
What is POD Scholarly Reads?
We are excited to offer POD Scholarly Reads, supported by the Scholarship Committee. The POD Network values evidence-based practice, and the overarching goal of this reading group is to support POD Network members in their knowledge and use of these practices.

The objectives are to:
1) Support POD Network members in their consumption of empirical studies related to education and educational development and
2) Facilitate the development of a community around scholarly work related to educational development.

How it works
POD Scholarly Reads explores scholarship around a specific topic for three months. Each month, participants read a topic-related empirical article each month, which is selected by the Scholarship Committee with input from the POD Network community. Participants then attend a webinar, hosted through the Zoom meeting platform, to discuss the article, oftentimes with the first author of the article present. A week before the meeting, we will send out a list of discussion questions for you to consider.

Discussions are on the first Tuesday of the month from 1-2pm EST. Please register by Monday the week prior to ensure you receive the Zoom link.

If you cannot access the articles through your institution, please contact us at scholarly_reads@podnetwork.org.
Fall 2020 Theme and Articles
Theme 7: COVID's Impact on Students, Faculty, and Educational Developers

We have made two changes to the structure of POD Scholarly Reads for Fall 2020. First, because of the novel and rapidly-evolving situation higher ed finds itself in, we chose to highlight articles that share preliminary results from recently-collected data, even if these results have not yet been peer reviewed. Second, we will focus more heavily on identifying strategies and resources to address challenges identified in the articles and/or raised during our discussion.

September 1 - Student Impacts:
Blankstein, M., Frederick, J. K., & Wolff-Eisenberg, C. (2020, June 25). Student Experiences During the Pandemic Pivot. https://sr.ithaka.org/publications/student-experiences-during-the-pandemic-pivot/

October 6 - Faculty Impacts:
These three sources all discuss the same survey results:
a) Lederman, D. (2020, April 22). How teaching changed in the (forced) shift to remote learning. Inside Higher Ed. https://www.insidehighered.com/digital-learning/article/2020/04/22/how-professors-changed-their-teaching-springs-shift-remote
b) Ralph, Nate. (2020). Perspectives: COVID-19, and the future of higher education. Bay View Analytics. http://onlinelearningsurvey.com/covid.html
c) Infographic of the survey results: https://www.cengage.com/digital-learning-pulse-survey

December 1 - Educational Developer Impacts:
POD Network members Lindsay Wheeler and Eric Kaldor are leading a collaborative Scholarship of Educational Development research project to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic and large-scale instruction changes in higher education impact educational developers and their work. They will join us to share some of the preliminary findings from their work.
Fall 2020 Meetings
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