AidCurrent | Artist's Fundraising Input Form
First off...   CHEERS!  
Thank you for using art for good in this crazy world.

This form allows any artist to report their own independent art-related fundraising activities, and have them reflected in the collective totals on the Aidcurrent site.

Artist Profiles will be made for any artist that reaches $10,000 in donations free of charge.

Artists with less than $10,000 may request an Artist Profile (a small setup fee will be required).

There is no cost to fill out this form or to use this AidCurrent platform.

All entries update the site automatically, but will be subject to review and removal if anything seems shady. Don't be shady, OK?
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Artist *
Enter your name as you would like it to appear on the AidCurrent website.
Dollar Amount Raised or Donated *
Please enter the actual dollar amount any donated work has brought to a nonprofit. **Please do not enter the "market value" of donated work, only the dollar amount it was able to raise.**
Name of Nonprofit *
Not all good causes are actual Nonprofit Organizations. Whatever good thing your art has raised some money for out there, name it here. If we have questions we'll follow up with you for clarification.
Description of Fundraising Activity *
Give a brief description of how your art was used to raise these funds, such as a donation of a print or original to a specific charity auction, split of proceeds from independent sale, etc...  If we feel the need, we will follow up with you or the nonprofit to verify all information. AidCurrent reserves the right to remove any entry from the record for any reason whatsoever. Don't be shady.
Date the funds were raised. *
Make it up if you have to, but accuracy is appreciated.
Can we share about this in a story on a blog or social media post? *
Occasionally we like to share different ways artists are using their work for good out there. We don't do this often, but we like to be sure we have permission before sharing anyone's work.
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