Landscape Genetics Workshop Feedback
Thank you for participating in the Landscape Genetics Workshop this year in Glasgow. This is a course that has been run a few times and I always like to get some feedback (anonymous unless you put your names in) on the course content and its display. If you could take a few minutes to fill out the following, it will help me to make this course better and more applicable as we go forward.
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Why did you take this course?
Ultimately, besides the joy of spending a week in a classroom close to the Clyde River in Glasgow, what about this course did you think would be of interest to you and your research?
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Have you taken other courses like this one?
Clarity of Content Presentation
Did you find the presentation of the content to be clear and concise
Appropriate data.
Did you find the data for this course appropriate for the content?
Slide Content
Did you find the slides to be clear and concise?
Additional Content
Are there any additional content topics that you would like to have covered in this course that were not? If so, indicate so below.
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Additional Data Types
Are there specific types of data that you would like to be included in the course that were not?
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Other Analyses
Are there specific types of approaches or analyses you would like to have covered?
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What did you like about the course?
Were there particular components of the course that were particularly useful for you?
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What did you dislike about the course?
Was there anything related to the course that you did not like?
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Any suggestions on how I can make the course better?
I am interested in getting any suggestions you may have for me to make this course better in the future.
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Advanced Landscape Genetics/Genomics Class?
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