Order Gift Vouchers

ORDERING gift vouchers is easy: choose an amount, fill in your contact details, pay for them by Swish (or card) – and your gift vouchers will soon be on their way to your mailbox – physical or digital.

DIGITAL GIFT VOUCHERS are emailed pdf files that you can print out and give to the recipient, or simply forward by email together with your greeting.

PHYSICAL GIFT  VOUCHERS can be posted to the recipient or picked up at one of our shops.

GIFTING a posted gift voucher to someone else? Add the recipient’s name, full address and any message (including sign-off with giver’s name) in the gifting field below and we’ll send it to them with your greeting by post. (Digital gift vouchers are always sent to you as the buyer, you can easily forward the voucher to the recipient. No personalised message is printed in the digital voucher, you can easily add it by hand if printed, or add it in your email forwarding the voucher.)

YOU CAN ALSO buy gift vouchers directly in our bookshops, without ordering online. (Ordering a larger quantity for your company? Contact us for card payment or invoicing options.)

FIRST, let’s get the question of your email address out of the way, so we can get back to you (no need to sign in to Google to use this form):
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The Fine Print
Gift vouchers are valid 1 year from the date of issue.
if you use part of your voucher, we will issue a new voucher for the remainder of the amount and that will be valid 1 year from that date.
Pick an amount for your gift vouchers. The suggested amounts are based on that a ”normal” paperback is about 175:-. You can order a voucher for any amount (min 100:-, max whatever!), just tick the Other field and fill in your amount.

You can order up to 3 vouchers below. Need more than 3 vouchers? Put your quantity and amounts in the comment field further below.
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Need more than 3 vouchers?
Put your quantity and amounts in the comment field below.
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Leave your phone number, in case of any questions (preferably mobile number, so we can reach you by sms/text)
If you’d like for us to send physical gifted gift vouchers by post directly to the recipient, enter below:
– the receiver’s name and full postal adress (please make sure it’s a current address)
– what message you would like for us to add
– and don't forget to sign the message with your name so the recipient knows who it’s from.

On the digital gift voucher there’s no greeting printed on the actual gift voucher, so you can add your own greeting on a print-out or in the email with the forwarded digital voucher to the recipient.

Gift recipients and messages
Pay easily for your order with Swish. (If you don’t have Swish, we can send you a secure card payment link instead.),

SWISH: Send payment of the total amount to number 123 038 70 01
Put as message: ”GiftVoucher” and your name and postal city (for identification).
(Scan the QR-code below with your Swish app for easier payment.)

I’m paying by: *
Comments? Questions?
Put them here, or feel free to email voucher support on jonaz@bookshop.se
SEND IN your order
Remember to press the Submit / Skicka button below to send in your order.
We’ll email you a confirmation once we’ve processed your order and payment, and the gift vouchers are on their way (or ready for pick-up).
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