Spreadsheet Skills Pre-Questionnaire
If you cannot do the skill, click on "No".
If you know how to do the skill , click on "Yes".
First and Last Name: *
Enter dates, text, numbers *
Clear cell contents *
Edit cell contents *
Insert and delete cells. *
Use Autofill to create a number series. *
Enter formulas using +, -, *, /, ^ *
Format font name, size, style, and color. *
Set cell borders: border style, color, and size. *
Set fill color for a cell. *
Set cell horizontal alignment. *
Set cell vertical alignment. *
Set text rotation. *
Set cell indentation. *
Turn "text wrap" on and off. *
Merge and center cells. *
Apply styles to cells. *
Apply conditional formatting to cells. *
Increase or decrease the number of displayed decimal places in a number. *
Modify colum width and row height. *
Create and modify a page header. *
Create and modify a page footer. *
Set the margins for a worksheet. *
Set the page orientation for a worksheet. *
Set printing options (gridlines, row/column headings, scaling, etc.) *
Insert and delete rows and columns *
Hide and unhide rows and columns *
Freeze and unfreeze rows and columns. *
Move between worksheets in a workbook. *
Rename a worksheet. *
Insert and delete worksheets. *
Move and copy worksheets. *
Create formulas that use 3-D references. *
Print and preview multiple worksheets. *
Insert, move, format, and delete: pictures, clipart, shapes, SmartArt. *
Create a chart (bar, column, pie, or line). *
Modify the text in a chart (titles, legend). *
Format the text in a chart. *
Change the appearance of chart components (bars, columns, pie segments, lines, grid lines, background, etc.). *
Use both absolute and relative cell references. *
Use AutoFill (months, days, number sequences). *
Use the Formulas ribbon to insert a function. *
Use basic arithmetic functions: AVERAGE, SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX. *
Use Excel's basic financial functions: PMT, FV, PV, RATE, NPER *
Use basic logical functions: IF, AND, OR *
Use basic date and time functions: NOW, TODAY, DATE, MONTH, DAY, YEAR, WEEKDAY. *
Use basic database functions: DSUM, DAVERAGE, DCOUNT, DMIN, DMAX. *
Use the VLOOKUP function. *
Add and delete a named range. *
Use a named range in a formula. *
Perform single and multi-level sorts. *
Apply data filters: AutoFilter, Advanced Filter *
Create a pivot chart. *
Create a pivot table. *
Import data from a text file. *
Use a template to create a new workbook. *
Customize a toolbar. *
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