Dogwood Therapy Services Volunteer Application
Thank you for your interest in volunteering. Please thoroughly read the volunteer information, scheduling rotations and expectations found at on the volunteer section of the Dogwood website.  We may have a waiting list of volunteers seeking placement, and we interview people for these positions approximately 1 month ahead of time. Our volunteers participate directly with clients, and we take that very seriously. It is an honor that our clients allow volunteers into their healthcare sessions. If another event requires that you miss your volunteer time, please inform us as soon as possible. Please try to identify another volunteer to substitute for you.  Repeated failure to show without timely notification may result in the volunteer being dropped form the schedule. The policy is as follows.

1. Must be at least 18 years old and able to drive, independently read and write, and pass HIPAA test. If you are a minor, you must have attended Dogwood After School or Summer Programs for at least 4 successive semesters, and be able to work with other kids with disabilities, be able to help with yard work, cleaning, maintenance, etc. Minor's must be able to pass practical and written evaluation for HIPAA and dog handling that was taught in summer or after school programs.

2. Extended Absences: These are volunteer absences that are due to long term sicknesses, injury, vacation, etc. Please provide notification of the absences as soon as possible. In this case, we will attempt to offer your time slot(s) to another volunteer. The volunteer slot cannot be guaranteed upon your return.

3. Absences: We ask that you miss no more than 25% of your scheduled time.  Advanced notification is appreciated. If absences continue to persist, the volunteer will be dropped form the schedule, and placed on a waiting list to continue volunteering. There is no guarantee of continuing with the same time slot, type of volunteering or with the same therapist. Please give us AT LEAST 48 hours’ notice if you will be absent—we rely on our volunteers, and would need time to find a substitute. In the case of illness, give as much notice as possible. We support taking time off to recover and appreciate you housing your cooties elsewhere. We have medically fragile clients.  

4. No Shows: A no show is when there is no prior notification of an absence. NO more than 2 no shows per quarter will be allowed. Your position will be filled with another volunteer. It will be your responsibility to call when you are ready to commit to our consumers and your learning process.

5. Letters of recommendation will reflect your attendance and performance (you will not be here to ‘watch’ or ‘shadow’, you will be part of our sessions) We are happy to write a letter of recommendation upon you completing a full semester, with good attendance, and promptness.

We strive to provide excellent and reliable service and implement this policy so we may better serve our clients.  Thank you for your consideration of others and for your support. To provide notice for absences, please email or call/text (preferable) 505-228-4650.

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