Overwatch Collective Nouns Survey
You've got a pack of dogs, a pride of lions, a pod of dolphins. Or even better, you also have a murder of crows, a bloat of hippos, a parliament of owls, a zeal of zebras, and more:

Well what do you call a group of Reins or Meis headed your way? Sure you might not see if often, but there's always arcade mode. Cast your vote!

Results of previous surveys for TF2 and Starcraft:

An _____ of Anas
A _____ of Bastions
A _____ of Brigittes
A _____ of D.Vas
A _____ of Doomfists
A _____ of Genjis
A _____ of Hanzos
A _____ of Junkrats
A _____ of Lucios
A _____ of McCrees
A _____ of Meis
A _____ of Mercies
A _____ of Moiras
An _____ of Orisas
A _____ of Pharahs
A _____ of Reapers
A _____ of Reinhardts
A _____ of Roadhogs
A _____ of Soldier: 76s
A _____ of Sombras
A _____ of Symmetras
A _____ of Torbjörns
A _____ of Tracers
A _____ of Widowmakers
A _____ of Winstons
A _____ of Zaryas
A _____ of Zenyattas
Last question: if you had to pick just one, what's your main?
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