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So you’d like to be part of a new and revolutionary way of travel. That’s wonderful!
Just tell us a little bit more about yourself and you can soon be part of this experience.

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Okay, almost there! We just need to take you through our terms and conditions and you can be on your way!
• A payment of 2,500/- will be required for your registration. This will be inclusive of a complimentary Sanaa Travel Varsity Jacket.
• An annual renewal fee of 500/- will be required for you to continue being part of this awesome experience.
• Each trip earns you a badge with cool discounts as shown below. The more badges the better!
o 4 badges – Classic Sanaa T-shirt discount
o 5 badges – Classic Hoodie & Jumper discount
o 6 badges – Heroes Varsity Jacket discount
o 10 badges – 1 Wanderlust trip discount
• Your badge will be awarded one week after your trip.
• Each trip will be accompanied by individual itineraries and schedules that you shall receive upon your confirmation and payment of a deposit.
*Kindly note that SanaaWanderlust does not provide travel insurance nor does it provide medical cover and is not liable for any injury to any persons in the course of a SanaaWanderlust approved trip.
I hereby agree to the stated Terms and Conditions *
For more information and enquiries talk to us on:
E-mail: info@sanaastory.co.ke
Telephone: 0708761922
And we’re done! Looking forward to having you as part of the Wanderlust Experience! See you!
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