2018 MN School-based PIT LIVE Survey
This Point-in-Time survey should be administered by school-based staff with families and/or unaccompanied youth identified as homeless or doubled up (temporarily staying with family or friends) for the night of Wednesday, January 24th, 2018.

A note to school liaisons/staff administering school-based PIT surveys:

This survey should be administered face-to-face where possible. If not, it is appropriate to administer with families/youth in your existing case load known to be experiencing housing instability. Respondents should not complete the survey independently. We recommend completing this survey with the parent or guardian by phone as you complete the questions.

While the planning for PIT varies by CoC, generally, school-based partners can look to their McKinney Vento-identified student list, or transportation list, to identify students who may be “doubled-up” (temporarily staying with family or friends), unsheltered, or residing in shelter. You may call families from this list up to 10 days after the PIT night (Wednesday, January 24th) and ask where they stayed ON THE NIGHT OF THE PIT.

In accordance with FERPA, you should first obtain parental consent to complete the survey. If no consent exists, but you are reasonably sure this family is experiencing homelessness, you can complete an observation (basic counts).

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