YouthRaise Design Preview Follow Up Survey
Thank you for your interest in YouthRaise. Please answer a few questions to help us understand how our design was received and to understand the fundraiser needs of TroopTrack customers better.
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How often does your group hold a fundraiser?
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What is a typical fundraising monetary goal?
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What are the purposes for which you raise money?
Did you participate in a YouthRaise Design demo?
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If you participated in a YouthRaise design demo, how likely would your organization be to use YouthRaise?
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
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If you participated in a YouthRaise design demo, please let us know if you have any insight into what might make it a more compelling product
How important is it for a fundraising product to integrate with TroopTrack?
Not Important
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Would you like to participate in the beta program going forward? If yes, then you will have early access to the product to use in real fundraising opportunities. If yes, please provide your name and email address in the last question.
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What is your name and email address? 
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