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The "Expanding the Science of TESS" workshop will take place 10-14 February 2020 on the campus of the University of Sydney. More information is available at https://tess.ninja.

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Give a brief description of what you plan to work on at this workshop. Please be as specific as you can. If you can't be specific, at least give the scientific area or domain in which your interests reside. Examples: "testing the limitations of existing asteroid characterization algorithms with TESS data" or "developing techniques to measure stellar rotation in TESS FFI data"
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What skills, knowledge, or data do you bring and how could you contribute to the projects of others? If you have specific knowledge or expertise or roles within the TESS project, be sure to mention this here.
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What subjects or skills or data sets would you like to learn more about at this workshop? Be as specific as possible. We will try to arrange break-out sessions for the most popular subjects.
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Do you have data, code, or methods for which you could lead (or participate strongly in) a breakout or discussion? Promoting useful open source software or data is permitted and encouraged.
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Code of Conduct *
Participants will be expected to follow the AAS Code of Ethics. Please read the code at https://aas.org/ethics, and then answer the question below.
Openness and Collaboration *
At this workshop, you will be expected to share ideas openly, and take on publication co-authors when others contribute significantly to your project. The collaboration policy is written in full at http://tess.ninja/three. Please read the collaboration policy and then answer the question below. Note that the policy has requirements that might be in conflict with agreements you have with other parties.
Travel Support *
Limited travel support may be available for a small number of attendees.
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Please check all days you can commit to attending. Preference will be strongly given to those who can commit to all five days.
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