2022-2023 934 Outdoor Gallery Scavenger Hunt
This is just for fun- a great way for all-ages to go through all of our Outdoor Gallery and look a little deeper. Leave us your name and email (optional) for a free Outdoor Gallery Coloring Zine that you can pick up at the Gallery during open hours!
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Mural 1: How many animals do you see? 
Mural 2: What are the two figures doing? 
Mural 3: How do you feel about snakes?
Mural 4: Can you find the silver toes? 
Mural 5: How many squares do you see? 
Mural 6: Can you name any sea creatures with tentacles? 
Mural 7: What would you name this animal? 
Mural 8: Where is she? 
Mural 9: What's going on with this dog? 
Mural 10: Can you find the lady bug? 
Mural 11: How many circles can you count?
Mural 12: If you could choose any color hair - what would it be? 
Mural 13: How many green leaves do you count?
Mural 14: Can you find the eye in this mural? 
Mural 15: What kind of lizard is this? 
Mural 16: TBA
Mural 17: How many fish do you see? 
Mural 18: What are these characters doing? 
Mural 19: How many yellow stars do you count? 
Mural 20: Freebie - no question here!
Mural 21: Do you like the color blue? How does it make you feel? 
Mural 22: How many colors do you see in this mural? 
Mural 23: How many grave stones can you find? 
Mural 24: Do you see the turtle? 
Mural 25: How many elephants do you count? 
Mural 26: How many mushrooms do you see?
Mural 27: Do you have any animal friends? 
Mural 28: Have you ever seen an eclipse? 
Mural 29: Where does the door go? 
Mural 30: What song is he playing? 
Mural 31: Can you find the butterfly? 
Mural 32: Do you like patterns? 
Mural 33: What would these characters say to each other? 
Mural 34: What shape do you see? 
Mural 35: How many pumpkins are there? 
Mural 36: What mammal is this? 
Mural 37: What time does the clock say? 
Mural 38: What is the cat licking? 
Mural 39: How many pieces of jewelry are they wearing? 
Mural 40: Are the bugs friends? 
Mural 41: What is the dog feeling? 
Mural 42: What 3 colors are in this rainbow? 
Mural 43: Which flower is your favorite? 
Mural 44: What is your favorite season? 
Mural 45: Do you have anything with stripes on it? 
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