Becoming a Conductor on the Underground Railroad Rescued Kitty Network
**Important!! Please do not print and fill this form out to send to us. Please fill it out online and use the submit buttom at the end. Thank you!

This submission form will put you on our map of volunteers, which means we may call on you if we need help in your area.

We also need a copy of your current drivers license, vehicle insurance, Waiver and Conductors' Code of Conduct.

Waiver Link ~ Please Print & Sign

Conductors Code Of Conduct Link ~ Please Print & Sign

Scan & email or fax all documents to "URRKN Conductor" at or 855-692-0007. The toll free fax goes to Tina's private home office. Your information will be moved to a private, secure location to avoid misuse of any personal details. Kitty and driver safety are our first concern!
Please check this box ONLY if you are updating or adding information
Please check this box ONLY if you are giving us permission to add your email address to a Special Announcement list
Primary use will be used for sending out notices of legs that we need filled for transports.
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Go to your Facebook profile page (not your newsfeed). Look for your address bar; it will start with this: Copy the entire address and paste it here.
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Home Phone
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The number you would use on the road
Email Address *
Can you keep a kitty overnight? *
Our VIP Kitty would need to be in its own room and must not be allowed to interact with other pets.
Distance willing to travel *
Most legs are approximately 100 miles point to point.
Days available to help? *
Emergency Contact Name and Phone *
Other Information
Please note any other information that would be helpful for our records.
Do you have any special skills or talents that may be useful to URRKN that you would like to share with us?
Please give details here, thank you.
Who referred you to URRKN? *
Or how did you find out about us?
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