Gaming - Discrimination and Harrassment
This survey is designed to collect a wide range of responses from people all over the world, regarding discrimination and harrassment experienced in gaming environments. It is an experiment and as such imperfect, but we are hoping to collect a broad range of evidence from a large number of participants.

Please respond even if (hopefully!) you have never experienced any discrimination, or if you (hopefully not!) have stopped playing games because of your experiences.

The survey is completely anonymous, but you will have the option to give more detailed feedback or leave an email address for further contact or future surveys. Goes without saying - please be honest, don't fill this in more than once for yourself, and refrain from being horrible.

Also please read the instructions carefully - in some cases there are different ways of saying "No" which will influence the evaluation.

TRIGGER WARNING - The survey is very much about negative experiences associated with gaming. As such, questions include ones referring to harrassment, verbal abuse, physical and sexual violence.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY DATA - We are hoping to write an article or two (depending on the number of responses that come in) in media supportive of women and other minorities in gaming. No personal details will be revealed there, it will all be aggregated data or comments made as part of the survey. Where people leave their email address to be contacted, some "anecdotes" may be collected (with their permission and again anonymised), this is subject again to the number of responses. If you are interested in publishing the results, please fill in the survey and leave a comment and your email address at the end.

WHAT PERSONAL INFORMATION DO YOU HAVE ABOUT ME - Other than what you voluntarily fill in, we can only see a time stamp (no IP or location).

The survey will be open until the end of June 2016.

There is now a link for a FAQs / Frequent comments:
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