Young Believers Registration Form 2020

Due to the current ongoing pandemic & following the government guidelines, we are not allowed to return to our indoor classes at Al-Meezan. Classes will resume via ZOOM on the weekend 19th/20th September 2020.

Registration will take place from 5th September 2020.
Please note these classes are only for existing Al-Meezan students, who were previously registered & were attending Al-Meezan prior.

If you experience any technical difficulities in completing this registration form please contact Saira 07780361901.
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PARENT CONSENT FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT. I hereby consent to my child recieving medical treatment, if the staff or doctor thinks it is necessary in the event of an emergancy, if contact or parent can not be reached. *
CONSENT: I agree to be photographed during class/events for use on the Al-Meezan website, social media and in publications for the duration of my attendance of the course. *
Any additional comments for the admin team e.g. paying from someone elses account, paying on behalf of another student etc
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