Getting Involved in The Next 50
The Next 50 ( is a political organization that aims to make politics more accessible to young people.

If you're interested in getting involved in our efforts (Membership, Policy, and Careers, as well as Tech and Communications), let us know who you are and how you'd like to help. Your indication of interest lets us know what to follow up with you about -- you don't have to commit to anything right now! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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Membership (PAC)
Young people (defined as under 40) don’t have regular settings or organizations to engage with candidates, whether they be presidential or local office seekers. There is also no donor advising or community for young, small-dollar donors.

Our solution to these problems is to create the largest network of young political investors and grassroots events. (1) With small-dollar donors mattering more than ever before (see: Bernie Sanders, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, etc.), we introduce young people to the power of political fundraisers with the candidate via our Meet the Candidate event series, often including a speech, Q&A, and selfie line. (2) PAC members, giving anywhere between $1/month to $5,000/year, providing scaled access to experiences and resources, will help make these events more accessible to students and those without the means to attend otherwise, while joining a community of young people committed to generational political change, and receiving access to events and resources that further enhance their political contributions.
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Few people understand how policymaking works; therefore, not enough people who have expertise or proximity to problems facing our country engage in presenting those problems and potential fixes to their representatives.

Our solution to this problem is to develop the largest portfolio of up-to-date local briefs on national issues in the country by (1) prioritizing, in partnership with the local communities, those issues relevant to young people in order to develop local, jurisdictionally relevant issue briefs and (1) then disseminating these briefs to campaigns and, when possible, directly to the candidates.
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All politics is local. We believe getting and keeping a job in politics should start locally as well. Unfortunately, today the field is underpaid, cyclical, and unsustainable to the majority of workers. This leads to chronic brain drain, a lack of diversity, and often a lack of sustained political effort in the areas of the country where we have the most at stake in the years to come.

Our solution to this problem is to set a new standard for political employment by (1) building community in politically consequential locations among early-career political staffers by hosting monthly gatherings for peers, organizations, and mentors, so that (2) from this pool, we can build relationships with organizations hiring staff for political and advocacy-oriented work in the same region in order to (3) create a job-board connecting those organizations to staffers in the area so that workers can find sustainable political work to all staffers, regardless of their personal network, and employers can have a steady pool of local applicants.
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Civic Tech
Our talented Tech Team enables us to leverage design and software to scale efforts in our Membership, Policy and Careers work. Whether it's designing our websites, creating databases to templatize policy briefs, running digital fundraisers, or building a hyperlocal jobs board, there are a wide variety of ways you could get involved. We believe in enabling good people to do the work they care about, and are always open to new ideas and experiments.
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Political Communications
Our talented Communications team enables us to craft effective and clear content for our community, as well as prepares our team for any relevant press relations.
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