Welcome to LifeXchange (NPC)
Join us and you will change! Our 12-month online mentoring training course is not to be taken lightly. To grapple with implementing sustainable change in your own life at the same time as walking alongside another individual and supporting their journey of transformation is a process like no other. And it brings real rewards like no other development or volunteering opportunities out there as well.

So, are you ready to live? Are you ready to commit a year of your life to this process, discovering your incredible potential and seeing it in the people around you every day? Sign up now to our process (not programme!) designed to fit into your life, schedule, responsibilities and weekly commitments.
Online Training
Our training is the only 12 month online evidence-based mentor training that exists! It is fun, interactive and very informative. With the training app being available on your phone or computer, you can work at your own convenience, anywhere and any time of your day! Our training provides you with theory-based learning, covering concepts from human development, psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), resilience theory and people (or mentoring) skills, as well 35 hours of practical learning as you meet and journey with a mentee every week, putting the theoretical ideas into practice and getting to grips with the process of sustainable transformation. You will have weekly contact with your training facilitator and 24 hour response time, 5 days a week, for any mentoring questions you have. This is the most rewarding, enlightening and supported online course one can take for personal growth as well as impacting those around you.
Can I be a responsible mentor?

You’ve lived. You’ve worked. You’ve loved. You’ve failed. You’ve been scared. You’ve succeeded. There is always someone coming behind you who could use a hand. You’re never too young to mentor. You’re never too old to be mentored.

If you have the time and energy to commit one hour a week to starting and maintaining a relationship with a mentee over the next year, you can be a responsible mentor.

Why Mentor?
In case you need any more convincing, here are the many other reasons why you should sign up and mentor today:

1. You can change the world for someone. For people who are younger or less experienced than you, when you share your life and your experiences, you can change their horizons. By sharing that ‘this is a possibility and it is a possibility for YOU’, you can open up entirely new paths in their life.

2. You will learn. When you become a mentor you learn about how things work at different levels and in different places. If you are mentoring someone in your company, you get new insight in how other parts of the business work, and what people in those teams care about. If you mentor someone in another community, you will learn about that culture and maybe even be invited in to it. You will learn things that will make you a better manager, parent, spouse or leader. You will learn things that improve your judgment. You will become more valuable.

3. You will be leaving something of significance behind. So often we wish that our work or our lives had more meaning. What could be more significant than looking back in years to come and seeing the change not only your mentee’s life, but the lives of their families, their future partners, their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren…

4. You will reflect on your own achievements. Sharing your experiences will give you the chance to review and validate what you know and what you’ve accomplished in life up until now. And most likely push you to see what else you can do.

5. You will become known as someone who cares. Making a one-year commitment to walking alongside another person is an act of compassion. Keeping that commitment is a journey of unconditional love. And your spouse, family and colleagues will not fail to notice your kindness and generosity.

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