Beam n Read Social Media Marketing Manager - Application
Beam n Read/ASF Lightware Solutions is a US based, small family business which provides products for creative people who need a hands-free light.

We want to find someone who will act as a lead for our new Ambassador program, as well as help schedule posts on our Facebook page. We hope this will be a fun opportunity to earn some extra cash while helping promote a unique, useful product.

As the Social Media Marketing Manager role is new, we expect this role to evolve over time and the person has the ability to help define it. For now, we are looking for someone who would help lead a group of volunteer Ambassadors while hosting fun and creative events that are shared on their blogs and/or Facebook. Ideally, we would like to sponsor monthly events that include sponsored giveaways for followers of the Ambassadors, as well as special giveaways open only to the Ambassadors. We anticipate the time requirement for the Ambassadors to be no more than they might spend monthly, participating in a blog hop, with a sponsored giveaway. For the Social Media Marketing Manager, we hope they will take ownership for 1) keeping the Ambassadors aware of monthly events, 2) sharing such events on our Beam n Read Facebook page, 3) scheduling creative and/or interesting posts for sharing on our Beam n Read Facebook page 2-3 times/week, and 4) keeping and reporting monthly metrics for our Facebook page (e.g. # of likes and other metrics that are available for Facebook pages). Overtime, we want to build partnerships with other companies to co-sponsor giveaways and fun events and we anticipate the Social Media Marketing Manager to be a key player with building and managing these relationships.

We expect that the time requirement for the Social Media Marketing Manager to be about 1-2 hours/week ( < 10 hours/month). Compensation is negotiable. They will be considered an independent contractor, who will be selected from our pool of Ambassadors. This person can also earn money as an Amazon Associate when people click links including their Associate tag from this person’s blog to Amazon.

For those interested in becoming a Social Media Marketing Manager for Beam n Read, we ask that you complete the form below, as well as apply for our Ambassador Program.

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