How fast do you knit
This form is to collect information about how fast average knitters knit depending on technique and experience. It is not a competition to find the fastest knitter - we just want to gather some information so when a knitter wonders how fast they are there is some information to compare with.. The first data collection will be the weekend of 24 - 26 August 2018 to coincide with Knit August Nights in Napier, New Zealand. The only reason we are collecting an email address is so we can contact you if you are a prize winner in the draw we will do at the end. It will not be used for any other uses. Draw winners and results will be announced on Reluctant Knitter blog, and associated challenge Facebook pages (if you are the winner we will check with you first)
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How many stitches can you knit in one minute? *
To test yourself find (or cast on) a project with around 80-100 stitches you can knit “straight” (no pattern, decreases etc) Place a marker and either start a 1 minute timer on your phone. Knit until the timer goes off. Count your stitches back to the marker, Ideally do best of three. How many stitches was it?
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What size needle did you use eg 4 mm?
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What brand needle did you use?
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What was the yarn composition (tick all that apply)
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