Dynamics - Summer 2020 Participation
Many of you are sad that the summer production has been cancelled. Although we cannot replace this special memory, we decided to create a virtual summer theater experience. We hope you will join us and have some fun being part of this production. Our show theme is “The Magical World of Dynamics.” Our theme is broad so that you have a variety of options to tap into your creative spirit. We hope you will join us! Here are some ideas to get you started thinking:

● Flashback Dynamics: Think about past Dynamic productions. Select a song, dance, monologue, or favorite segment of a scene.

● Select a song, monologue, poem, a moment in history or the future, favorite segment from a story, a play, or short vignette. It does not have to be from a past Dynamic’s show.

● Select something mysterious or spooky: Edgar Allan Poe was known for his poetry, short stories, and tales of mystery. Perform a segment of the Tell Tale Heart.

● Be Creative: Write something original to perform: A skit, poem, story, song, or wherever your imagination takes you.
Performance Criteria
- Your performance should be between 1 and 3 minutes in length.

- It can be solo, or with a small group, but please continue to follow all appropriate social distancing guidelines.

- Don't worry about introducing yourself, we can handle that for you (and we don't want to cut into your performance time)

- Try to record your video and audio with the best quality that you can.

- If you record your video with your cell phone, please make sure to hold it (or mount it) HORIZONTALLY (so that everyone's videos will be in landscape view rather than portrait view)

- If you are singing along with backing tracks (solo or group), you might consider using headphones while singing, and sending us a copy of the tracks, so that we can mix your voices together better.

- Please be thoughtful of the mission and values of Dynamics Community Theater when choosing your material. We try to focus on family-friendly shows that can be enjoyed by audiences of any age.

- You may submit more than one performance (no more than 3, please), but we may not be able to use them all depending on the number of submissions we receive.

- We will set up a means for you to submit your videos to us.

- Consider.... costumes? backgrounds? All optional, but might be fun :-)

- Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!
Please submit your intention to be involved (this form) by August 1st.

Please submit your video to us by August 15th.
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