2021 Mid-East Honors Association Host Application
Thank you for your interest in hosting the 2021 Annual Mid-East Honors Association Conference. Being able to host a regional conference requires a great deal of time and commitment; however, seeing the event come together is highly rewarding.

The annual conference for MEHA allows Honors faculty, staff, and students to familiarize themselves with the regional area and meet others going through similar experiences, and by hosting the conference, you have the chance to share your local area as the context for the event. We encourage you to complete this form to allow the current executive board to consider your proposal to host in 2021. We hope to choose a 2021 location before the 2020 conference (March 27-29).
Name: *
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College: *
Location (City, State): *
Proposed Dates (please note that the conference typically occurs on a weekend: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday): *
Please describe your campus and campus location, and include proximity to major expressways/highways:
Please describe the campus's surrounding area in terms of cultural activities and food locations.
Please describe hotels near your campus. How far way are the hotels and how would participants go from the hotel to the campus. Typically, MEHA reserves 65-80 rooms for the annual conference.
Does the conference facility have a location where approximately 250 participants can meet at one time? *
Does the conference facility have a location to present posters? *
Please describe what type of supplies and equipment you can provide to participants (projectors, screens, extension cords, foam boards, etc.) and if there would be a cost for the items.
Please describe the proposed banquet setting and food options.
How would you organize volunteers for the conference and approximately how many volunteers could we anticipate?
Please share any further information that you think the executive board should consider with your application.
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