UK Junior Nationals 2021 Entry Form
This is the entry form for the UK Junior Nationals 2021 being held at Aston Down from 21st - 29th August 2021.

To fly in the Junior Nationals you will need your Silver badge and an FAI Competition Licence.

Not get your Silver yet? Don't worry, you don’t need it to enter, you’ll just need it by the start of the competition. Enter anyway and we'll get you into the competition when you've completed it (numbers depending), or potentially give you a spot on the 2 Seat Training if you don't get it in time.

If you would like to compete in the Junior Nationals but are unsure whether you will complete your silver badge in time for the competition, we recommend that you submit an entry for the competition and also apply for the 2-seat training - please see details at
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We need this to confirm that you are eligible to enter the Junior Nationals. If you have a birthday this year which makes you 27 years old or older, then you can't enter the Junior Nationals.
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