RHL Off-Season League Play Team Sign-up

-Teams will play in a single open ladder/group stage, containing every team participating in the Off-Season.
-Team captains/assistant captains will schedule their matches as they wish with other team's captains/assistant captains.
-Teams are not required to matchup against any specific team and they may decline any match. Teams are encouraged to match and rematch with any teams they choose throughout the Off-Season.
-Each match awards 1 point to the winner, and teams are welcome to play a match length of their choosing (best of 3, best of 5, etc.). Rematches between two specific teams, must be at least 3 days after their previous match, for the winner to be awarded a point. RHL Officials will be checking the Challonge bracket page to ensure that the cool down rule is being followed.
-Standings for the Off-Season will be based on each team's points from match wins. Tiebreakers will be resolved using match win percentage.


-Players must register an account on the RHL website, join the RHL discord, and fill out the Off-Season Team Signup form in order to play.
-The captain must include a steam profile link (PC) or a PSN ID (PS4) for each player registered to their team when filling out the Off-Season Team Signup form. Even if you have registered a team previously, you need to fill out the new form.
-Teams are allowed to join at any time during the Off-Season and may begin play as soon as they are added to the bracket. -Players are allowed to join an existing team at any time.
-Team names, player names, and logos must be original. If you feel your team name or player name is already well established, and another team in the league has a conflicting name, you may contact the Commissioners to have them assess the situation and resolve it positively for those involved.

Teams are encouraged to have a logo but it is not required for Off-Season League Play.

Please ask any questions in the #suggestions-and-questions area of the RHL discord server.


It is recommended that the Team Captain sign up for the team.
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List ALL Team Members (IMPORTANT: Remember to copy the Steam profile link(s) or PSN ID(s) into this field next to their names. Separate players with a line break or punctuation: *
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Rules for the Off-season League play can be found here: (https://rockethockeyleague.com/rhl-off-season-league-play-rules/) If you have a comment or question about the rules, please include it here:
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Please contact @Benaldo#2374 via discord if you would like your team roster and logo to be featured on the RHL website.
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