Venmo Payment Enrollment
If you would like to receive your payments from MVOA electronically via Venmo instead of by mailed check, please fill out this form and we will add you to our Venmo payment list.
Email address *
What is your Venmo Username? *
Your username should be entered in the following format: @Robyn-MVOA
Describe your Venmo Profile Picture *
This is to ensure we are identifying the correct account. If you change your profile picture, please update this form or submit a new form with the current information. If your description does not match your picture, we will not process payment via Venmo and will send a check instead.
Last 4 digits of the phone number used for your Venmo account *
This is a security question that Venmo asks the first time you make a payment to someone new. Please enter the last 4 digits of the phone number attached to your Venmo account. If the number doesn't match, we will not process payment via Venmo and will send a check instead.
Acknowledgement *
I understand that I am enrolling to receive payments via Venmo from @Robyn-MVOA in lieu of a mailed paper check. I agree to the terms stated above and understand that it is my responsibility to transfer funds from Venmo to my bank account.
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