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Copy/Line Editing (One Round) - Copy (also called line) editing includes minor corrections like spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. It will also include notes and suggestions on unclear wording, awkward prose, tense inconsistencies, and filler words.
Proofreading (one round) – Proofreading is a final read-through to catch all the little errors and add the final polish to your manuscript. Proofreading includes typos, spelling/grammar/punctuation errors.
Developmental Edits (one round) – Development edits help bring a story to life. In a chapter-by-chapter analysis, Truly Trendy PR will give comprehensive feedback on the storytelling elements, such as character arcs, action, dialogue, description, pacing, and emotional connection. You will also receive notes on strengths and opportunities for improvement.
Blurb Writing – Blurb writing can sometimes feel like the most challenging part of the writing process. Let Truly Trendy PR help you. We will read through your manuscript and create a custom blurb, according to your style preference and genre. Truly Trendy PR will also rewrite an existing blurb to create more compelling prose.
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