Effigy Proposal
Freezerburn 2018: Duck Stuff
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Effigy Designer
Legal Name/Burn Name
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Designer Contact Information
Email, Phone number
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Effigy Name
What do you call it?
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Effigy Design
What is it?
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Effigy Description
Size, Materials, Interactivity, Lighting, etc. Be as detailed as possible!
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Budget Detail Plan
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Build Location and Storage
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Build Schedule
At what dates do you plan on being 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% done?
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Safety Plan (Pre-burning)
Safety concerns?
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Effigy Logistics
How are you transporting to (from if needed) Spirit Haven?
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Burn Plan
Collapse expectations, Proposed perimeter, etc.
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Pyro Plan
Pyro contact info (name, number etc.), fireworks?, magnesium?, light show?
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Ashes, screws and nails are MOOP!
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Anything else you'd like to add?
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If you have any sketch ups, pictures, or files to help give an idea of your vision, please send them to Ducky at AF-Art@fzbtx.com.
Subject: Effigy Name Please
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