HBRK Registration
Hi there! Thank you for showing interest in joining HBRK.

[Note: By filling up this form, it does not mean that you are an official member of HBRK. Registrations are subjected to admin's approval. Once approved, you will receive a text message with the given phone number from the admin to confirm your registration]

Please read the below carefully.


1. Please only join if you truly like Biren
2. Members under 16 years old are to seek parental consent
3. Our Fantee is compulsory for all members at $18

1. All information collected will only be used for reference and contact purposes.
2. Particulars will be kept confidential. No 3rd party will have access to it.


1. Priority ticketing to all events (subject to spaces available)
2. Invitations to private gatherings with Biren herself
3. First-Hand and exclusive updates about Biren and the fan club

[Incomplete entries will be ignored]

To know more about HBRK and the fanclub, do visit our website at bit.do/huangbiren :)
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