Parallel Raider Application
Application form to apply as a raider to Parallel
**********READ THIS FIRST**********
Currently we have a high number of people applying each and every week.
If you don't hear anything from one of us via Discord, Battlenet or in-game then we're sorry but we just don't think you're a good fit for the raid team right now.
You're welcome to whisper one of us for a social invite if you want a place to enjoy other content though!
and if you want any feedback as to why you were declined, again just get in contact and we'll let you know!
We raid Thursday [20.00-23.00], Saturday [20.00-00.00] and Monday [20.00-23.00]. All times are Server Time. *
Will you be able to attend most raids at these times? If you frequently cannot attend all days, or have an issue with the times please choose 'Other' and clarify
Personal Details
What is your name? *
What is your Battletag? *
This is so we can contact you in regards to your application
How old are you? *
Where are you from? *
Are you able to communicate and understand English, both verbal and written? *
If the answer is not a simple 'Yes' please choose 'Other' and clarify
Do you have a microphone and Discord for communication during raids? *
If the answer is not a simple 'Yes' please choose 'Other' and clarify
Character Information
What is your character name?
If on a different server currently, please provide server name as well
Armory link for your character *
What class are you? *
Which role do you play? *
How do you keep up to date on any current or upcoming class changes?
Can you play any other specs or have playable alts? If so, list and detail below
Raiding Experience
What current and previous raiding experience do you have? *
Do you have any links to any logs we can view?
For example Warcraft logs / World of logs
Other questions
How did you learn about Parallel? *
For example; From a current member or from a forum post
Why do you want to join Parallel? *
What do you expect from us? *
Is there anything else you wish to share with us as part of your application?
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