**MASTER: Trusting News questionnaire
At the xxNewsOrganizationxx, we're participating in a project designed to help us serve you better. We know distrust in journalism is high nationwide, and we want to better understand how you decide what information is trustworthy.

The information you share here will be shared with a researcher at the Reynolds Journalism Institute, which is leading the project, but your answers will not be connected to your name unless we talk to you further. For questions on privacy or methodology, contact Joy Mayer at joy@joymayer.com.

Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective. Please consider sharing this with others who might be interested in participating.

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How likely are you to believe what you read, see or hear from mainstream journalism organizations (however you define mainstream)? *
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How many news organizations do you currently support financially through subscription, donation or membership? *
Name three sources of news you typically trust. *
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Name three sources of news you typically do not trust. *
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How do you decide which news sources are credible and which are not? *
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Your participation will help your local journalists and the journalism industry serve you better. With that in mind, would you be willing to meet with one of our journalists for one hour, at a place and time convenient for you, to discuss this further? *
If you answered yes, please include a phone number. A journalist from xxNewsOrganizationxx might be in touch.
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