Sikh Family Center Volunteer Survey
Our Vision: A world where each family enjoys physical, emotional, and spiritual health and each individual is supported to achieve their true potential.

Our Mission: The Sikh Family Center's mission is to promote healthy families in the Sikh American community by closing current gaps in access to resources and increasing community awareness and activism.
SFC works with volunteers, institutions, and partners within and outside the community to facilitate community-building activities (mentoring programs, parenting classes, reading groups) as well as to provide crucial social services (crisis intervention, medical camps), with special attention to cultural tradition, immigration experience, and language access.

Our Team: In all its activities, SFC relies heavily on appropriate partnerships as well as its core group of volunteers. The core group captures a range of professional qualifications and individual competencies, including family physicians, mental health professionals, community organizers, writers, students, youth counselors, domestic violence advocates, attorneys, academics, gurudwara leaders, teachers, and youth activists.

Please Tell Us About Yourself. We want to know all about you! So, we have a few questions. The most important qualities we are looking for in team members are passion and commitment. If you believe in our mission and can commit to being a part of it, there are many ways to contribute! *
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