Surgical Admission Form
Thank you for choosing Highland Veterinary Clinic. We're here to provide compassionate, innovative, excellent care. Your pet is scheduled for a surgical procedure. We strive to provide excellence in surgical and nursing communications, but we understand that procedures involving surgery or anesthesia can create stress on pet owners. To communicate effectively, and ensure that your pet's admission process is as low-stress as possible for you and your pet, we've created an online surgical admission form which will allow for you to focus on your pet during admissions day.

We will attach a copy of these responses to your pet's record and print and retain the signature pages for you, or you can indicate whether these signature pages will be brought in with you and your pet. Admission time is 7:30-8:30am on the day your pet is scheduled. Alternatively, we can schedule a pre-admission boarding night with no fee if surgery is completed the following day.

Please withhold after 9pm the night prior to surgery if your pet is a cat or dog. The exception to this rule is if your pet is a chihuahua, or teacup breed, or if your pet is battling diabetes or hyperthyroidism. If you have any questions, please call 812-867-6652

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