2018 COP Research Day Abstract Submission
The abstract submission deadline is on Tuesday, January 16 by 11:59 p.m.

Abstract should contain: (a) an introductory sentence indicating the purposes of the study; (b) a brief description of experimental procedures; (c) a summary of the data; and (d) a statement of the conclusions. Abstract body is limited to 2000 characters (approximately 300 words).

All abstracts that follow the instructions and that are received on time are automatically accepted and will be entered into the main College of Pharmacy poster competition.

Author's Last Name *
Enter the last name of the 1st author. If your poster is an equal collaboration between 2 authors, please enter the name of only one author and then e-mail copresearchday@gmail.com so this can be noted in the abstract book.
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Select ONE category that is the best fit with your research. This will be the main poster category in which you will compete.
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Abstract Authors *
List all authors, including the first author, in the format "First Name Last Name", separated by commas. This is how it will appear in the abstract book. Example: Jane Doe, John Doe, and Adam Smith.
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Maximum 2000 characters (with spaces). Do not use symbols.
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Cancer Center Award *
If your research is cancer related, indicate whether you would like to enter your poster for a separate Cancer Center Award. No other step is needed to be entered. Cancer Center staff will review submissions and determine winners in this category.
CCTS Multidisciplinary Team Science Award *
If your research is translational, indicate whether you would like to enter your poster for a separate CCTS Award. CCTS staff will review submissions and contact you if your poster is accepted into this category. ADDITIONAL SUBMISSION STEP IS REQUIRED. Please see instructions on the Research Day Abstract Submission website.
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