Kim Lamoureux Voice Studio Intake Form
Thank you for your interest in voice lessons at KLVS. I'm so excited to get to know you, and to learn a little bit more about your dreams and goals!

Some of the questions in this form might not be what you would expect, but they get right to the heart of our work together. I look forward to reading your responses! Please know that I take all the information you provide into very careful consideration as I plan our next steps together.

*If you are a parent filling this out on behalf of a teen or young student, please note that this form will be most successfully completed in collaboration with your child.

**Please note that this form is meant for recreational students. If you are a professional or pro track singer/performer, please fill out the form here instead:
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There are a myriad of times you could have chosen to start voice lessons, but you chose now. Why is NOW the right time for you to pursue voice lessons? *
What has your singing and performing experience been like up to this point? *
What is one dream or goal for your singing and/or performing? No goal is too big or too small. *
Picture yourself one year from now. You've been taking voice lessons for 12 months, and have dedicated yourself to weekly practice. You've have made tons of progress, and you sound awesome! In what specific ways does your voice sound different than it does now right now? How does your performing look different? What can you do now that you couldn't a year ago? *
What brought you to KLVS? How did you find me? *
Is there anything else you would like me to know about you? *
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