Between Events Staff XP
This form serves to collect information about which staff groups you helped and how you helped them in an effort to be awarded bonus experience points. Please take note of the following:
- You must be a KGE member in good standing in order to receive any bonus xp for your K1 characters.
- You may earn a maximum of 100 bonus points for the season while helping a single staff group, with a combined maximum of 200 bonus points for the season for helping multiple groups.
- You will need to submit a new form for each different staff group you helped, each month you helped them.
- The 1st from each group you are submitting a form for will need to verify your volunteer efforts in order for the points to be added to your character sheets.
- Players submitting this form for xp follow the same deadline as the Character Signout form (8 days following an event)
--- Ex: If you complete work for the BLD between 6/24-7/25, you will have until 8/05 to submit this form in order to have the points added to your character by the 8/23 event. That is to say: Volunteer efforts between events are added to the upcoming events update and will be available for the following event (provided everyone does what they are supposed to).
--- A schedule of the various deadlines was sent out within the May 2019 Quill, posted on the Kanar Facebook group, and put up on the website. Please reference those areas for further clarification on deadlines. If you have additional questions, reach out to the CBM staff.
- Late form submissions will be accepted until 8 days after the current seasons Feast.

This Form is broken into a couple parts:
- Player, Character, and Contact Information
- What efforts you provided

Please make sure everything is correct (spelling etc) before moving forward to new sections. If you don't know how to spell your name, we can't guarantee that you will receive your points.

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