FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL Aspen Parent Portal Creation Request Form
Use this form to request that an Aspen Parent Portal be created for you. In order for us to set up an Aspen Parent Portal account for you the following has to be true: 1) You have to be listed as a contact in the student’s account. 2) You have to have a unique email address separate from the student’s email address and separate from the email address of any other contact. If you are not the Parent or Guardian of the student, you cannot request a portal account. The Parent or Guardian of the student will have to request one for you. If you are the parent or guardian of the student and you are not listed as a contact in the student's account, please use the Student Contacts form : to give us your information.
Student First Name *
use legal first name, as it appears in Aspen
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Student Last Name *
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Student's ID Number *
the number they use to log into Aspen, found on back of their ID badge under the barcode
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Your Name *
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Your Relationship to the Student *
If you are not the parent or legal guardian, you cannot request a Portal account. The parent or legal guardian can request one for you.
Name of the Person for whom we are creating the Portal account *
if it is you, write SELF, if you the parent or legal guardian and are requesting it for another contact, list that person's name
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Aspen Parent Portal Account Information
Your Parent Portal account is separate from your student's Aspen account, but you will be able to access the same information. Students use their Student ID as their "Log In ID" Parents use their email address as their "Log In ID." Please allow at least two weeks for your Portal account to be created. Near the beginning of the school year or end of a marking period, it may take longer to have your portal created, as we get a very high volume of requests then. We will notify you of your Log In information via email once your account has been created.
Email address that will be associated with this Portal Account *
Email address becomes the Log-In ID for the Portal account. This must be different from the email address of the student and different from the email address of any other contact
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