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Thank You so much for your interest in Los Patios Hostel. We are a young dynamic company expanding rapidly always looking for young talented and creative minds that fit our company culture.
Here's the stages of our human resources screening process:
Stage 1 - Fill out this form (30 minutes)
Stage 2 - Answer a video assignment of 3 questions send via email (15 minutes)
Stage 3 - First interview with our Operation manager (30 minutes)
Stage 4 - Last interview with one of our co-founders (45 minutes)
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Your purpose from the Ikigai Philosophy. (answer those 4 questions & final statement) 1 - What are good at? (Personal & Professional life) 2 - What you love to do? (Personal & Professional life) 3 - What the world need? (from your perspective) 4 - What you been paid for? (skills). From all your answers, make a one sentence purpose statement. Watch this video is you need some help: *
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