Panel/Workshop & / or Sponsorship signups
For those interested in sponsorship opportunities and doing workshops/panels for KaLiCon 2019, this is the formal submission to arrange.

All sponsorships and choices for hosting events will be billed through PayPal. (to host a panel or workshop, there may be costs associated with room rental.)
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Do you want to sponsor something at KaLiCon? (options are as a group contributor or solo, all sponsors of every level will be recognized for their contributions on all social media, website and event promotional materials) Select all that apply to your interest.
Do you want to donate swag to our registration bags this year? (Minimum number of items will be 200, confirmation of needed items no later than September 1st, 2019) NOTE: ***All swag items MUST be received no later than October 23, 3:00 pm in order to be added to the bags. NO EXCEPTIONS***
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Do you want to advertise in our print program that goes into every registration package and handed out to the public during the signing?
Do you wish to donate for our annual silent auction? 100% of the auction proceeds will be donated to the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign for the Belleville Branch (if so, please list your choice for donation and approximate value - we will create sheets to showcase all donations) NOTE: ***All donations MUST be received no later than October 26, 9 am in order to cataloged for the auction.***
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