irrie's Dollhouse Store & Blogger Manager
Before applying, please read the job outline thoroughly, and please take some time to look over my flickr, blog and website:

Have you been in a management position for anyone else before?
Please list your last 3 years of work experience in SL (this can include any work you've done for yourself, such as running a business)
There are many creators who are hiring, so what made you decide to apply for me?
Please list any questions and/or concerns about my store and/or this position. And thank you for applying! :-)
Please provide samples of your photography (flickr, gyazo, tiny pic, whatever):
Do you have any graphic design or image editing skills?
What social media do you use?
What skills do you have in SL?
What days of the week and times (in SLT) are you available to be around SL and/or to work for me?
What are some of your favorite styles when it comes to furniture, clothing, and other designs?
Do you have a blog(s)? If so, what is the URL:
What is customer service to you?
Do you have any favorite SL events you like to attend (sales, gachas, etc.)? If so, list them.
How many other designers or SL businesses do you work for and whom?
What do you feel sets you apart from the rest of those who could apply for this position?
What programs do you use on a regular basis?
After looking at my blog, website and flickr, describe in your own words the mood and style of my brand, irrie's Dollhouse:
How long have you been in SL total (including alts)?
Do you have a lot of time available to be present in SL and on the computer? Explain.
Time Zone
What are your SL photography skills?
Are you familiar with and/or do you participate in Family RP?
If there are a few deadlines approaching, and they are overlapping with tasks that need to be done, how would you manage?
Full SL Name (Display + Defualt .. ex. irrie (irrie Ember))
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