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El Ranchito’s traveling camp, the Gulf Coast Expedition (GCE) has added a NEW segment: Barton Creek Expedition.

Eligible Participants include: 18 to 22 year-olds who are graduates of El Ranchito Conservation Corps, or have experience with a similar program offering camping and conservation work experience, or interested college students who would qualify for the Pell Grant program.

Dates: July 15-18, 2018


-Camp on Shield Ranch
-Explore Whirlpool Cave
-Do conservation work on Barton Creek
-Make connections in the conservation community
-Learn the issues from experts in the field
-Test water quality and learn to use data
-Snorkel in Barton Springs
-Join the incredible El Ranchito community


-Ed Crowell, Author, Barton Creek Flowing with Passions
-Brigid Shea, Travis County Commissioner, former Austin City Council, a founder of Save Our Springs Alliance.
-Andy Sansom, Executive Director, Meadows Center for Water and the Environment
-Andrew Clamann, City of Austin Watershed Protection

Meals and gear provided. $50 to register.

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